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The Greater Cleveland Council of Figure Skating Clubs is comprised of sixteen area Figure Skating Clubs who belong to US Figure Skating. They meet several times a year with delegates from each club and discuss Test Sessions, Competitions, Club announcements, and US Figure Skating issues.  Their goal is to help it's Member Clubs foster Figure Skating in Northeast Ohio. They have had the oppourtunity to help build not only their site, but their brand as well.

This client, along with a many others, was a full service design process for us. Everyhing from the logo to the website, we have had the oppourtunity to design with the client.  Figure Skating is a truly beautiful and elegant sport, and we were able to leverage that beauty when developing the website.

As was quickly learned, figure skating is an extemely complex topic due to all of the technicalities – so we spent special time developing user-friendly navigation and an optimized content flow to ensure visitors can easily and quickly get directly to where they want to go.

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