Nick Artman

Nick Artman has worked in the internet design and marketing industry since he was 14 years old.  He is young, ambitious, capable beyond his years, and a creative and innovative software developer. In 2007, Frank Griffith, the CEO & Founder of GHI Internet Services invested in Addo Solutions and began mentoring our people and processes. Addo Solutions is a customer-centric internet marketing firm specializing in website development. As head web developer, Nick oversees all of the company's production.

He started Addo Solutions as a SaaS based website and internet marketing platform, designed to make the web a faster, easier, and affordable advertising and marketing platform.

Over the years, he has built up client websites and continued to refine the SaaS product.  

Since he can remember, he has always been working with and advancing the frontier in information & technology products and services.

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“ Since the re-design, my site has nearly doubled in traffic, and business has boomed! Why didn’t I do this earlier? ”

“ It is just so easy to keep my site up to date! This is unbelievable!”