Creative Digital Specialists & You

Each member of our crew is smart, focused, and passionate about creating amazing solutions for our clients. We work closely together in an energetic environment that promotes respect and encourages unconventional methods.

Because of this, we’re a little bit picky about who we choose to join us.

We’re intensely proud of the team we’ve built.

You might be a good fit for Addo Solutions if you…

  • Have a passion for learning new technologies, exploring new solutions, and staying ahead of the curve
  • Are driven to create the best work possible, but can leave your ego at the door
  • Would rather spend time making sure that your work is the best it can be, rather then settling for anything second best
  • Can meet tough, stressful deadlines without it affecting your other work
  • Are confident enough to share your ideas, but humble enough to stand up and clap when someone else has a better one
  • Care deeply about your customers and are committed to helping them succeed
  • Understand that fun and hard work are not mutually exclusive
  • Value an environment built on trust, integrity, and doing the right thing for our coworkers and clients

If this sounds like you, you’re an awesome developer, designer, SEO specialist, UX strategist, or project manager, or you want to be, be sure to contact us today!

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