Inevitably, you're faced with the reality that your business location is now on Google Plus, as a Google Plus Page. In fact, if you look up your business on Google right now, you will find out just what your page looks like.  So, let's take a look at what this means for you:

Well, lets answer this question first:

What is Google+

Check out this video for a basic introduction to exactly what Google Plus is:

Make sure your information is correct

Too often, Google will make minor errors about your location, hours, or other information (which is completely possible when you have millions of places around the world to get information about). This can have detrimental effects on your business if people cannot find you, or they come at the wrong time, or for the wrong reasons. Editing your information is a piece of cake. Just create your own Google Plus page, enter your business phone number, and then you can have Google send you a postcard with a verification code to prove you do own your business.

Put up some quality pictures on Google+

What kind of pictures you upload are essential to what kinds of people walk through your door. If you upload crummy or poorly taken pictures of food, or a bad picture of your business, people are going to be far less likely to walk though your door. The same is true when you have no pictures. Your pictures are peoples' window into your business from anywhere in the world. This gives you the oppourtunity to make the picture that you want people to see.

Make use of that window; you would be suprised at what some good photos can do.

What are people saying?

Identifying what people are saying about your business is another critical element to not just having a good Google+ Page, but to influencing what customers think before they even walk through the door.

When people click on your Google+ Places page (which is where you go when you want "More Info" when selecting a page in Google Maps), your page will show what previous customers have said about your business. Even more so, people can see what their friends have said about you, so those really good reviews will be even more influential, and the one really bad review will stand out even more, if that is all that you have.

This is why asking your customers (who had a good experience with your business) to go online and rate your business on Google+ is essential. You can flood your page with scores of good reviews, which will flood out the occasional bad one.

Remember, this is SOCIAL media; be social and have fun with it!