One of the common ideas that we hear in the Greater Cleveland and Medina area is that the iPad is just a big iPod, just another toy. We would argue that this is completely wrong. This is why we are giving iPads away free with our higher end package (and we would do it for the lower packages if we could).

We feel that if you truly have the desire to improve your company, that the iPad can greatly increase you capacity to do so (even to those who are not tech savvy).

Website Owner's Uses for the iPad

For our web development clients in particular, they have access to update their website without ever touching their computer. In an effort to keep our clients website, not only #1 on Google by keeping up their SEO ranking, but to keep their customers informed. In fact, I am writing the blog you are reading right now on the Addo Solutions iPad, with the very same website management too that our customers do.

Business Owner's Uses for the iPad

Other great ways to use your iPad is simply keeping up with email. For example, sometimes I just want to get up from my desk, but I don't want to take my laptop, so I can just take my iPad and go wherever I feel comfortable, yet be able to keep my email in check all the while.

Academic and Student Uses for the iPad

But you don't have to own a business, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote provide most of what the average student needs to get all kinds of things done for school, try taking organized notes during class.

Graphic Designer/Photographer  of the iPad

With Apple's camera connect adapter, you can directly connect your camera to your iPad and you can manage and update your photos with Photoshop for iPad!

You can also manage your Picasa albums with the iPad. For our clients, this means managing any kind of portfolio page, as we utilize Picasa 

Musician Uses for The iPad

But that still is not all; like music? You can connect your guitar to GarageBand and record with a 1/4" input adapter,

Keep all your chord music in one place with OnSong. Try tuning your guitar, or most other instruments with PitchPerfect to name just a few uses for musicians.

Even More Uses of the iPad


Keep your day planned well with the built in calendar app, access your Dropbox, run some digital Sound Boards, read your kindle books, read the latest news with a plethora of apps.


This does not even scratch the surface of all the possibilities that the iPad provides.

Visit the apple store or the nearest retailer that sells iPad. See all you can do with your new iPad.