Show Paragraph Marks in Magento Admin Email Comment Notificatin Emails

Some people like to have detailed email comments to their Magento customers.  Unfortunately, these email comment notifications and the comment history inside of the Magento history panel, do not show paragraphs or new lines.  This will show you how to fix this comment new line bug.

I am using a mac here, but a similar process can be done on a PC.

mkdir -p app/code/local/Mage/Adminhtml/controllers/Sales/
cp app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/controllers/Sales/OrderController.php app/code/local/Mage/Adminhtml/controllers/Sales/OrderController.php

What we are doing there is copying




so that our changes don't get overwritten in updates.

Now some code edits.  I am using Mavento 1.7 in this example, however this should work on other versions of magento.

Look around line 276 of the newly created file for:

$comment = trim(strip_tags($data['comment']));

We want to change that to:

$comment = nl2br(trim(strip_tags($data['comment'])));

That will make your paragraph marks show up as desired.

I hope this got your paragraphs inside of your Magento comments working, if so, please +1 and or like this post!

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Solved! Magento Zip+4 on Checkout does NOT Calculate Taxes bug/patch

Every once in a while, we run into a technical question that the community has not yet answered.  

We have a client running the latest version of Magento, however, there is a bug in the system that prevents zip+4 tax codes from accurately being calculated.  As this is a major issue, we have found a patch for this.

In order to fix this Magento zip+4 issue with not calculating Tax, you will need FTP access and a text editor.

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Magento Returns All Products

Periodically we help local Brunswick / Medina Ohio companies with their websites, even if they are not on our system.  On this latest project our client was using a eCommerce platform called Magento.  On Magento, it seemed that no matter what you searched for it would return all the results.  This is a problem on many sites because it is a fundamental feature and needs to work on Magento (versions 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6).

The Cause

Apparently when the layered navigation block is not enabled, Magento seems to generate all products in every search result. Magento seems to generate all products in every search result

The Solution

With this knowledge a fix becomes very simple, so you have a few options depending on your situation.

People Who Dont Want Layered Navigation

In this particular case, the client did not want to have the layered navigation show up at all, but when we did so Magento returned all products no matter what the search terms.  So in order to remove it we used the following in our local.xml file:

<remove name="catalogsearch.leftnav" />

Because this caused Magento  to no matter what you searched for it would return all the results.  So what we did was to in the Magento Admin, we set: System / Configuration / Catalog / Catalog Search/ "Apply Layered Navigation if Search Results are Less Than" we set this to "1."  This hides the layered navigation, and keeps magento showing the proper results.

People Who Don't Want Any Columns

This becomes tricky, our solution to Magento returning all products no matter what the search terms in this case is to on your 1-column.phtml file is to display the left block, but place that inside of a hidden div

<div style="display:none"></div>.  

Feel free to post if you have questions or concerns about Magento seems to generating all products in every search result!

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