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Success of Angels Up Above

A couple weeks ago, Addo Solutions had the exciting opportunity of creating a website in a matter of days to benefit the families of a fateful accident that took place in Brunswick, OH.

On June 3, a car containing five teenagers crashed after traveling over a set of railroad tracks. Four of the five teens died in this accident, and the whole city of Brunswick was affected. To show love and support to the families of the teens, a student of Brunswick High School (where all five students attended) designed a t-shirt to sell and raise awareness and funds for the families.

Bullseye Activewear was given the design to make the t-shirts, and Addo Solutions was asked to design the website. We were able to get the site up and going in only a couple days' notice, and it has been a great success! We would like to thank everyone who visited the website and purchased a t-shirt to support such a worthy cause! It really has made a difference, and, again, we thank you!

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Solved! Magento Zip+4 on Checkout does NOT Calculate Taxes bug/patch

Every once in a while, we run into a technical question that the community has not yet answered.  

We have a client running the latest version of Magento, however, there is a bug in the system that prevents zip+4 tax codes from accurately being calculated.  As this is a major issue, we have found a patch for this.

In order to fix this Magento zip+4 issue with not calculating Tax, you will need FTP access and a text editor.

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Make Your Website Count!

Everybody seems to have a website, but how do you make yours stand out?

Have A Reason

Don't just build a website because you are suppose to, do it because you have a objective or goal to complete with it.  When you have this goal, be sure to make it clear to your website firm, it will improve the quality of your website, often save you money because you go back-and-forth less, and you get exactly the result you want.

Use Local Resources

Far too often, people use some big international company to build their website, either via a web interface, or hire from hundreds of miles away.  With a local company, you will tend to get better service, and typically face-to-face meetings because their reputations is on the line, whereas to an international company, you are far too often just another number.

Keep It Up To Date

This is by far one of the most important rules to apply to your website.

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MADD Chefs iPad Demo

We are sitting at the MADD chefs talking about the ease and portability of writing blogs on an iPad.

We hope to get his blog up and running soon!

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