Alright, so if you are here, that means you are interested in the project on the ACM board. I will be setting up a website and will post the link here when the time comes.

I called it Project Aeta because I needed to call it something (to give it a logical link). In Latin it means "a time, an age." This is the age of robots; let's do it!

I am typing this on my iPad, and have class so I don't have time to write everything on the board. I will do this later today.

People in charge of this project I will grant access to be able to edit various parts of the site when it comes about.


So what is this project all about?  We are building a system consisting of a central cloud computing system that controls an array of robots that can perform any number of functions.  A few ideas that have come by in the way of functions:

  • Physical mapping system that can map a floor, building, room, etc.
  • Polling system that we can market to companies in which the bots can directly interact with people and ask them questions, as well as hold a conversation
  • Household bots that perform various functions
  • Flying helicopters with networking functions and possibly cameras in which they communicate with the could and direct, control, and locate the ground units.

Essentially, we are laying the groundwork for these bots to do any given function that we need them to. A.I. will improve the bots functionality and give them more versatility.

Dr. Chan Notes

Dr. Chan and myself spoke earlier today about this project. He likes the idea and says, to begin, we should research (ie. Google) the following: "system of systems."

He likes the idea and will be talking with Computer Engineering people and other sources on getting support and ideas in order to benefit this project.


If you know someone who is interested in the following, please give them this link and tell them to hop on board:

  • C Programming
  • Network Security (ie. WPA2 Programming/Implementation)
  • Network Programming (setting up a device to interact using standard network protocols)
  • Cloud Development
  • A.I.
  • Speech Synthesis/Speech Recognition
  • Robotics
  • Acoustics (audio technology)
  • Aeronautics
  • Or is well funded ;)

Feel free to email me with questions, ideas, or corrections.

Nick Artman -